About Us

ISBELA Ltd. and thewallpanel.com are proud to bring a range of exclusive products to the United Kingdom. Our wall panel collection, offers the opportunity to customise indoor and outdoor environments, using a wide range of three-dimensional decorative elements, allowing you to express a high level of creativity.

The combination, based on a standard module of different geometric patterns creates an original effect, highlighted by the particular artistic forms reproduced and by the play of colors, lights and transparencies that the panels reflect in the decorated space. Our decorative elements also allow spaces to be shared with the same principle of modular systems but with unlimited creativity, due to shapes and materials available.

The quality of the materials is one of our strengths: the plaster is used for the internal design elements, while the exterior uses "concrete", specially designed to make it suitable for covering facades of buildings.

The combination of shapes, colors and materials and the possibility to insert luminous elements, make our wall panels an exclusive opportunity to create new spaces both indoors and outdoors. Explore the originality of the three-dimensional wall panels by visiting visit our wall panels section.